usamedzonline have enumerated here certain terms and conditions as a part of our service rendered to you. We have the right to modify the agreement at any point of time. Users and buyers have to comply with the terms of our services. You are requested to go through the following policies and guidelines carefully.

Rules for Online Conduct

As the first and the foremost requisite, you should agree not to try undermining the integrity of our website.


When you place the order at USA Medz online, please make sure that

  • You have attained at least 18 years of age.
  • You are allowed to receive the pain killers or other medications enlisted at USA Medz online.
  • You should have a medical history evaluation by a physician or a physical examination by him/her and who is available for any required follow up or intervention.
  • You should have complete information about the drugs you are taking. You should understand its benefits; risks attached to it also the possible side effects of the drugs you decide to buy from us.
  • You should know your therapeutic needs and should know what drugs will be appropriate for you.
  • You are buying the medicines only for my therapeutic requirements and I would not distribute these to others.
  • You are requesting that your licensed prescribers are acting only in adjunct capacity to the local physician and not replace your local physician.
  • You are purchasing the medication for your own usage and not for stockpiling and selling it further to someone.
  • You will promptly contact your doctor if there is need of any medical intervention in case of complication after taking medicines.
  • You will purchase medications at you own risk and should be fully aware about their possible effects.
  • You should understand that we are an online pharmacy store only and not an actual pharmacy service and hence we should be taken as an online escrow service only. We contract with fully-licensed and reputed pharmacies that are authorized to sell medications to the customers.

It is very important for you to understand that neither we nor any of our affiliates, agents or content providers for that matter will be liable for any indirect, direct, consequential or special damages arising because of the wrong use of medicines by you. Only the customers will be solely responsible for the medicines purchased them.

The provisions of this section apply to the entire content of the service as well. You can reach out to us on 1-850-424-1335