A Brief Look at Oxycodone

Oxycodone is a semi-synthetic opioid medicine which is synthesized from thebaine. It is an opioid alkaloid which is found primarily in the Persian poppy and it is also found in the opium poppy. This moderately potent pain medicine was manufactured as the purpose of improving on the existing opioids. People buy Oxycodone online to get relieved from moderate to acute pain.

Important Information on Oxycodone:

Also known as Oxycontin, Oxycodone is a narcotic medicine approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The medicine is available in the liquid, concentrated liquid, capsules, tablet and extended-release forms. The extended release form of this medicine is used in the patients for round the clock treatment of pain. You can buy online generic hydrocodone or buy branded hydrocodone both have the same affects as both contain the same ingredients.

How Does Oxycodone Work?

Oxycodone belongs to the class of medicines known as opioid analgesics which work by changing the way our nervous system and brain work and respond towards the pain. Since the medicine is an opioid painkiller, a long term use of this medicine and more than required quantity is not recommended.

How to Take Oxycodone?

The drug is to be taken orally and the dosage should be prescribed by the doctor strictly. The immediate release form of the drug is 5 mg to 15 mg orally in every 4-6 hours and the controlled release form of it should be 10 mg in every 12 hours. This is prescription medicine and any overdose of the medicine can prove be immensely harmful. If you are on a dosing schedule for oxycodone and miss a dose, do not take the other dose to make up for the missed dose if it is time for the next dose.

Withdrawal Symptoms of Oxycodone:

Insomnia, anxiety, nausea and pain etc. are some of the probable withdrawal symptoms of the drug. To avoid these symptoms, the drug should be taken strictly under the advice of medical experts and you should not stop or start this medicine abruptly as it can cause several side effects.
Some of the common side effects of the oxycodone include headaches, drowsiness, stomach pain, vomiting, loss of appetite, feeling of tiredness, dizziness, headaches and mild itching etc.
It is better to report your doctor if you are breastfeeding or pregnant while you are on the medicine as oxycodone can cause serious problems to the babies. You can buy oxycodone in USA or buy cheap oxycodone online from a certified pharmacy.