Buy Opana ER Online to Treat Ongoing Pain

What is Opana ER and why it is used?

Also sold under the generic name of oxymorphone, Opana ER is a pain-reliever. Its-extended release form is used for treating the ongoing pain. The medicine belongs to a class of drugs known as long-acting narcotic analgesics. The drug works in the brain and changes the way body feels and responds to the sensation of brain.
The extended release form of oxymorphone is used for relieving mild to moderate pain. The medicine should not be used for the occasional or as needed usage.

How to use the medicine?

You need to read the prescription and the medication guide before you take the extended release form of Opana ER and get a refill. The medication is to be taken orally without food or at least one or two hours after eating. You need to swallow the tablets as whole, without breaking, dissolving or crushing them. You should not lick, pre-soak or wet the tablets before consuming them orally. You need to take one tablet at a time with water enough to swallow it with ease. You may suffer from nausea after taking this drug.


Dosage of the medicine should be based on the medical condition of the patients and their response towards the treatment. You should not increase your dose or use the drug more often or for longer than prescribed period to avoid the risk of side effects.

Before you take this medicine

Before you take this medicine, you need to ask your doctor if you should stop or change the way you use opioid medicines like Opana ER. Also, you need to ask your doctor whether it is safe to take this medicine with other pain relievers, in pregnancy and in breast-feeding.

Side Effects of Opana ER

The medication is capable of causing number withdrawal reactions if you have been using the medicine for a long time and in high doses. Runny nose, watering eyes, restlessness, sweating, muscles ache are some of the withdrawal reactions which may develop if you stop using the drug. You can either buy online generic Opana ER sold by the name of Oxymorphone or can buy a branded Opana ER. Both have the similar effect.
The medicine has helped many people but this medicine can sometimes cause addiction and risk may even be higher if you are taking alcohol along. You need to take the medicine exactly as prescribed by the doctor.