What is Ambien?

Also sold under the generic name of Zolpidem, Ambien is used for the treatment of certain sleep issues like insomnia in the adults. People buy Ambien only to fall asleep easily. It belongs to a class of drugs known as sedative-hypnotics. The medicine acts on the brain and produce a calming effect. The medication limited only for a short period of one or two weeks.

How to Use Ambien?

Sometimes reading the medication guide prior to taking this medicine is enough. The medicine should be taken strictly under the prescription of a certified medical practitioner as it can cause a number of side effects. You can take this medicine orally on an empty stomach or as directed by your doctor. Take this medicine usually once in a week before going to the bed. Take it before going to the bed and do not take it along with or after your meal. Also, you should be taking the drug unless you can sleep for 7-8 hours at a stretch. If you wake up before that you will experience memory loss and have difficulty to sleep or drive


Dosages of the medicines should be based on the age, gender, response to the treatment and medical conditions of the patient. Do not increase the dose or do not take it longer than prescribed or more than often. Women are prescribed a lower dose than the man because the same drugs get removed from their body slower. Also, older adults are vulnerable to the withdrawal reaction it.

Side effects of Ambien

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Side Effects of Ambien

You need to use this medicine carefully and on prescription only because it can cause a number of withdrawal reactions if it has been used in high doses and for a longer than prescribed period. It can cause side effects like nausea, stomach cramps, vomiting, shakiness, nervousness etc. To cut down the withdrawal reactions, doctor can reduce the dosage gradually.

A Word of Caution

You can buy Ambien in USA or buy cheap Ambien online from a licensed pharmacy to get the more value for your money. Though the medicine is effective it can cause certain addiction. Risk increases to manifold if you are using this alcohol or other opioid pain medicines. Also report your doctor if you arepregnant or breast feeding your baby as it can pass through the milk of the mother and can cause serious side effects in infants.